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Pocket Squares - Unleash Your Style

Being Casual with Shirts

The collar is undergoing something of a power shift these days. Gone are the days when the medium-spread ruled the shirt world. Now you’re likely to run into any number of collars. And yes, you can stick with the medium-spread, but you should consider mixing it up a bit.

I saw a few blogs on making your own DIY band collars by simply cutting off the collar of one of your button-front shirts. Again, I was pretty enamoured with the idea, but was unnerved by stories of crazy fraying and couldn’t muster the courage to take my scissors to one of my dear shirts.

For a prolonged period of time prêt-à-porter fashion, more commonly known as ready-to-wear has dominated sales. The standardized sizes of ready-to-wear clothing promise to fit everyone. With such claims who could resist?

Either winter or summer, Shirts are free of any weather and looks cool in every occasion. In summer cotton shirts keep your body temperature normal and make you feel comfortable and in winters thicke…

Quirky looks with T-Shirts

Everybody has his own style in clothing which may differ from person to person. Every cloth represents a different personality according to the physique and face appearance of the person. Same clothing may give a reason to say wow and uuuuhhh on different persons depending on the condition that the outfit suits that person or it doesn't.

Guys can have Cool, Sporty, Casual, Funky and many more other styles and Looks with T-shirts. Creating a comfy pair with jeans it gives you best outfit. There are many ways you can put on a T-shirt for example you can wear it pairing with jeans or making a pair with Jacket or anything else.

If you are going to party best match is dark color Jeans, dark color T-Shirt and Light color Blazer, it will really impress girls out there (if you have fair color). You can try everyday a new Look with same T-shirts Pairing with different jeans or formal pants. Loafer style is also very famous among guys these days.

If you wear Polo T-Shirts they are also goo…