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Cracker Free Diwali

Diwali is said to be the biggest festival of our country India and is famous around the whole world. But do you guys think it is justified to waste and burn your hard earned money on crackers like the way we do?

Today's upcoming Generation may even don't know why we celebrate this festival. Diwali is celebrated because Sri Ram Chandra had returned to his home on this day after 14 years of "Vanvaas".

When Sri Ram Chandra returned to Ayodhya in Ramayana whole Ayodhya was decorated like a bride using Diyas of Desi Ghee, They didn't bursted crackers but celebrated this day like a festival and shared Sweets with everyone.

Let's Get back to the time of Ramayana and Let's celebrate this Diwali in a different and Indian Style.. Decorate your homes using Diyas, Share sweets and happiness with closed ones and friends..

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also recommended to use India Made Decoration accessories, instead of using Chinese Items and making Chi…

Pocket Squares - Unleash Your Style

Being Casual with Shirts

The collar is undergoing something of a power shift these days. Gone are the days when the medium-spread ruled the shirt world. Now you’re likely to run into any number of collars. And yes, you can stick with the medium-spread, but you should consider mixing it up a bit.

I saw a few blogs on making your own DIY band collars by simply cutting off the collar of one of your button-front shirts. Again, I was pretty enamoured with the idea, but was unnerved by stories of crazy fraying and couldn’t muster the courage to take my scissors to one of my dear shirts.

For a prolonged period of time prêt-à-porter fashion, more commonly known as ready-to-wear has dominated sales. The standardized sizes of ready-to-wear clothing promise to fit everyone. With such claims who could resist?

Either winter or summer, Shirts are free of any weather and looks cool in every occasion. In summer cotton shirts keep your body temperature normal and make you feel comfortable and in winters thicke…

Quirky looks with T-Shirts

Everybody has his own style in clothing which may differ from person to person. Every cloth represents a different personality according to the physique and face appearance of the person. Same clothing may give a reason to say wow and uuuuhhh on different persons depending on the condition that the outfit suits that person or it doesn't.

Guys can have Cool, Sporty, Casual, Funky and many more other styles and Looks with T-shirts. Creating a comfy pair with jeans it gives you best outfit. There are many ways you can put on a T-shirt for example you can wear it pairing with jeans or making a pair with Jacket or anything else.

If you are going to party best match is dark color Jeans, dark color T-Shirt and Light color Blazer, it will really impress girls out there (if you have fair color). You can try everyday a new Look with same T-shirts Pairing with different jeans or formal pants. Loafer style is also very famous among guys these days.

If you wear Polo T-Shirts they are also goo…

The Difference a Jacket Makes

Kurta Pyjama - Most Favorable Indian Ethnic wear for Men!

Men cannot deny the need to look stylish on special a occasion however that’s a different story altogether that they love to slip into a comfy pair of jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt. It is for those special occasions, that there is an unbeatable and wide range of Indian ethnic menswear. Ethnic wear for Men is gaining popularity globally because of the available variety of designs, shades and styles on various online stores which offer doorstep delivery in a matter of time frame as less as 48 hours.

Kurta Pyjamas are an ideal choice for traditional functions or any other formal occasion and are the first choice that comes in mind when recalling the Ethnic Wear. This traditional wear looks splendid due to its detailed work and intricacy. Kurta Pyjama comes with a large variety of options in price, quality and work etc. You can buy a kurta pyjama from very low cost to very high cost depending on its fabric, design, work and most importantly its designer and label.

If you want a royal…

Planning Your Weekdays with Shirts

When we wake up in the morning we are always in a hurry to run to the office. It is really a very difficult task in the early morning for boys to select what to wear. May be its normal for girls to pre-plan their clothing for entire week but it’s really a tough job for guys.

I always think that this Sunday I’ll pre-plan my weekday's clothing so that I may not have trouble with what to wear in the morning, but I fail every time to do so. This weekend I got an interesting idea to plan the weekdays.

I thought why not try the colors of shirts with the theme of the day, for example Maroon on Monday. I found it quiet interesting way to plan the week and I actually planned the week based on the same theme with fun.

Though I was having a great idea yet I was again stuck in a problem and the problem was that I was unable to guess the color name starting with the letter ‘T’ as it comes on Tuesday as well as Thursday. I searched online on and found lot of interesting color names …

What is your Favorite Wedding & Party Wear?

The days are passing through and fashion is changing with everyday. It is not that fashion industry is fast changing now but it is from the time unknown that fashion has kept unfolding. Change paves the way forward to interest and passion, you can call it human nature.
As needs and requirements change, fashion also changes with a matching speed. People love to adorn ethnic wear with a twist of contemporary fashion. Everybody likes to look his/her best on a special event. So given a choice, what is your favorite wedding or party wear? Would you like to woo the eyes with a Sherwani or formal Pant-Shirt?
Something I've noticed is that most of Indian youngsters like to wear Sherwanis on their weddings but keep their clothing limited to Formal Pant-Shirt or Suit when they attend their friend's or families functions unless it's a close knit affair. For myself, my favorite for close ceremonies is Sherwani and for small ghettos I prefer T-Shirt-Jeans or at times to give an ethnic…

Fashionable Mens Accesories

There is no way out to stay away from the fashion. Wherever you live, wherever you go, you will be following the styles that are in Fashion. When we have to be in the circle of fashion then why not look better than others? and to do so we must first meet the current trends and styles in fashion.

Accessories are the main part of today's fashion. Dresses may have a trend for long time but in accessories you can see a new variety everyday. Mens accessories are quite different from women accessories in a sense that both have different kind of choices. Mens accessoroies mainly includes Cufflinks, Pocket Squares, Stoles, Tie, Wallet etc. Let us have a brief intro with all.

Cufflinks give a dashing look to a mans outfit. It adds more gleam to the dress and it makes a sense for every party night.

​Pocket Squares sometimes look professional sometimes it give a quirky look. Pocket Squares are majorly used with jackets and give a perfect look with Nehru Jackets.

Stoles are really elegent …

Indian Ethnic Menswear

Fashion is a world of unpredictable changes. You can't guess what trend will come next. It may happen that the trend that we have seen once will never come back or we may not be able to see that trend again. Everybody in Fashion industry is always curious about the latest upcoming things that will come out surprisingly.

If we talk about Indian Ethnic Wear, there are lots of changes that can be seen from the earlier versions to latest ethnic wear dresses. Now a days the Indian ethnic dresses come with a western touch. For example Indo western dresses are quite in these days.

Indian ethnic wear has also upgraded its fashion for the men’s sector. New trends make use of the western jacket styles and blending them with ethnic wear attires, create something new, smart and unique. Patiala pants, Pathani style suits, Sherwani kurtas in shorter lengths are all in vogue in the men’s ethnic wear sector.

Indian Ethnic Menswear has less number of options as compared to women wear. This differ…

Choosing Cool Get Ups for Party

Only Dresses can never make a person fashionable but his physique, body postures also matters a lot. Getting dressed for any occasion doesn't make sense if your style does not match the occasion. Parties, weddings and some other occasions are really a tough job to dress up. We may have lots of options but when we have to dress for any event it seems our wardrobe is empty (it actually happens with most of us, LOL).
Fashion changes time to time. In winters it’s different in summers it’s different and also changes according to the trends but some Trends never ends like a dark jeans with light round neck T-shirt and a Blazer gives a cool look for Men. Many Online shopping stores are coming in the market which delivers the outfit you choose online from their website at your home. Means you can do shopping without going anywhere.

Indian Ethnic Wear Dresses has a distinct value and a never ending trend. Every Dress has a different look and shows simplicity with style. Sherwani, Kurta P…

My Mom's Birthday

Every mother in this world is special for her child and so are the children for their mother. The True love and the bonding between mother and child is divine and is awesome. Mother gives everything that she can give when her child demands for it. 
Like every other child I also love my mom very much. My mom's birthday is coming in next month and I'm so much excited about that but I'm not having holiday or leave on that day from office. I'm a little bit sad too that may be i could not go to my mom but she knows that her son is always with her and misses her every time.
I was confused about her gift but when last time I went to home I've seen that my Mom's phone is not in good condition and she is facing various problem with it, So I got the idea to gift her a new phone. Isn't that cool? yes it will be I'll gift her phone and will take her on a tour. Now Planning where to go :)  Love you Mom.

Benefits of Religare Medical Insurance

The health insurance plans provided by Religare include a very comprehensive coverage policy along with swift settlements of claims. Religare Medical Insurance comes with plethora of benefits which are all distinct. These benefits go a long way in earmarking Religare as one of the most revered and preferred medical insurance providers. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that will certainly strike a chord with someone who is looking for the right medical insurance scheme.
èBenchmark in healthcare industry: - The promoters of Religare medical insurance are basically the founders of SRL Diagnostics, Fortis Hospitals and Religare Wellness. These happen to be the chief diagnostic labs, best in service chain of hospital and pharmacy and wellness retailers in India with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. èUpmarket medical products: - With the support of Religare health insurance, one can avail medical treatment in any corner of the world. Furthermore, the schemes of Rel…

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