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Cracker Free Diwali

Diwali is said to be the biggest festival of our country India and is famous around the whole world. But do you guys think it is justified to waste and burn your hard earned money on crackers like the way we do?

Today's upcoming Generation may even don't know why we celebrate this festival. Diwali is celebrated because Sri Ram Chandra had returned to his home on this day after 14 years of "Vanvaas".

When Sri Ram Chandra returned to Ayodhya in Ramayana whole Ayodhya was decorated like a bride using Diyas of Desi Ghee, They didn't bursted crackers but celebrated this day like a festival and shared Sweets with everyone.

Let's Get back to the time of Ramayana and Let's celebrate this Diwali in a different and Indian Style.. Decorate your homes using Diyas, Share sweets and happiness with closed ones and friends..

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also recommended to use India Made Decoration accessories, instead of using Chinese Items and making Chi…

You Are Thor!!

Day before yesterday while traveling to my home i was thing that currently in India what is the hottest topic? The name of current hero strikes into my mind "Narendra Modi". He is the man empowering youth and wants India to be known as country of youth.
Then i thought not only  Narendra Modi but also all the great leaders have tried to empower the youth and whenever the need of power comes around always youth is bring forward, why it so? why always it is said that youth has the power to do any thing? and i found that if i get the answer of question what is the meaning of youth? both the first and second question will be solved.
So now the main question for me was What is the meaning of youth? After thinking a lot i made my own definition for "youth". According to my mind youth means "You are Thor". We all know the superhero Thor maximum of us have either watched his movie or cartoons or maybe heard his story. Thor is a superhero having very large no. of…