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Importance Of Individual Health Insurance

I live away from my house and family in chandigarh and go to my home and parents twice a month. My parents are always worried about me and my health as I'm living away from them. My dad is always tensed that what if any emergency comes on his son(me).

Two weeks back i understood that they are worrying about me that is normal upto an extent when i was hit by a cow on the road while riding the bike in night then i thought that any worse incident could have happened.The worst thing at the time of my accident was that i was having only 20Rs in my pocket, that was the only amount i was having at the time. I waited for my dad to come and it took me 2 hours to the hospital as my dad was not getting the place of incident.

I decided to have an individual health insurance so that I couldn't be afraid of these incidents. I searched online for best health insurance and individual health insurance, I found various insurance providers like ICICI, Max, Bajaj, Religare Health Insurance and…