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One Day Trip from Mohali, Punjab to Sadhupul, Himachal Pradesh

It was a while I have not been on an outing, I was getting frustrated with my work and the busy schedule that was going on from last 5 months. I finally decided to have an outing and as Haripurdhar is my favorite weekend spot I first decided to visit Haripurdhar but I was not getting anybody ready with me to go there and only Harry agreed to come along with me but only for Sunday(not Saturday). I was searching for a place where we can go and come back in a single day and suddenly I recalled a name and that was "Sadhupul" I heard the name from one of my colleagues and I liked the place when I saw images on Google images.

We finally decided to leave at 7:30 AM next day morning which was Sunday, but as It was Sunday! I was not willing to leave my bed so early. Somehow I managed to wake up at 8:30 AM as Harry was calling again and again and get ready by 9:00 AM (I'm super fast to get ready, LoL). I picked up Harry and we finally started from Mohali at 9:30 AM. Before leaving the place I checked the weather forecast on Google and it was saying that weather will be cloudy with rain splashes, but it seems like Google has made a fool of us. It was sunny no clouds, but still, I was enjoying as I said that I was having an outing after a huge gap.

We were hungry as we did not grab our breakfast but I wanted to stop directly at the targeted location as I wanted to have feel of the legs dipped into the running water of Himachal and having breakfast with some chilled beer but Harry was not able to make it and was trying to stop me at every eating point that came on the way. Finally, we stopped at a newly opened eating point named as “The Red Capsicum - Punjabi Dhaba” which was few kilometers before Dharampur

The Red Capsicum - Punjabi Dhaba near Dharampur
The Red Capsicum - Punjabi Dhaba near Dharampur
The Place was good and the food served there was also good, Prices were a bit high but it was worth spending for that much quality. We captured few pics here, had breakfast and left for our destination. The Chandigarh to Shimla highway is under construction so there were traffic Jams at several places which caused us more time to reach Solan which is another beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh. As we just reached near Solan Fruit Market rain started showering and weather become so cool instantly and both of us were loving the weather and greenery spread all around.

We saw a sign board at the corner of the road for a way from Solan to Kandaghat via Tikkari as we were on the main road stuck in a traffic jam we thought it might be the shortcut for our journey and that was the best step we took on that day. It was a single road without any traffic passing across few small villages and after covering a very short distance we saw a helipad which was like a bonus point for us to have some pics.

Helipad near Solan on the way to Kandaghat
Helipad near Solan on the way to Kandaghat
It was away from the crowd and located at a beautiful location and here is my car which took us at that place

My Car which took us to those heights and beautiful place
My Car which took us to those heights and beautiful place
We clicked many selfies and pics of each other and started to move again towards our destination. We were traveling on an empty road and even we were not sure that we are going on the right track. After traveling 12-13 kilometers on that road we reached Kandaghat and took a deep breath that we are not lost. We asked a girl about the way for Sadhupul and she told us to take a left and also told that it might take half an hour to reach the destination. We did not want to waste any single more second so we moved to our way and after half an hour we reached the place called Sadhupul and it was as good as we thought. People were sitting inside the river having selfies, hukkas and enjoying beers keeping their legs dipped into the running water of “Ashwini” river and the place looked like this

Sadhupul, Himachal Pradesh
Sadhupul, Himachal Pradesh
We enjoyed for a few hours over there and headed back to our place in Mohali with lots of good memories and massive collection of our pictures. The place is really good and specially the way to reach there is very enjoyable. We could not go to Chail which was just 13-14 kilometers from there because of the shortage of time but I'm sure I would love to visit Chail and all nearby places next time.


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