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An offbeat Trip to HaripurDhar

Haripurdhar is a small and very beautiful town in Sirmour district, Himachal Pradesh. Its 53 Kms above the Renuka Ji. It was my third trip to this place and the best thing about HaripurDhar is that it is not like those heavily crowded hill stations which we usually travel for vacations.

Haripurdhar, Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh
HaripurDhar in Summers

The best time to visit HaripurDhar is all year and any month as you would find different colours of nature here every month. Weather is always pleasant in HaripurDhar in summers you will find the weather so cold that you would love to be here for all of your summer vacations and in winters you wil find it covered with snow.

HariprDhar in Winters
HariprDhar in Winters

In Summers you will enjoy the bath under chilled natural waterfalls and in winters you would be able to enjoy snow fight. In rainy season you will feel clouds under below your feets and in Autumn season you can see the best hill views from heights.

waterfall haripurdhar
People enjoying bath in waterfall

I seriously love this place. We have made a friend named as Pappu he is Thakur and very calm person. He allowed us to stay in his own house and feel and enjoy the traditions of Himachal Pradesh. Pappu is only 10th passed in education but his thinking is beyond imagination.

Sightseeing Hariprdhar
A Beautiful view from Pappu's House in Haripurdhar

I really liked his lifestyle he smokes weed and do meditation. He has 2 daughters and a wife in his family. His family served us traditional food of Himachal and we really enjoyed it. He said that he wants people to know about him and stay at his home to enjoy the nature. I might be visiting him again soon with some of my friends. This trip was my best experience about Himachal.


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