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Top 7 Inspirational and Motivational quotes!

Importance Of Individual Health Insurance

I live away from my house and family in chandigarh and go to my home and parents twice a month. My parents are always worried about me and my health as I'm living away from them. My dad is always tensed that what if any emergency comes on his son(me).

Two weeks back i understood that they are worrying about me that is normal upto an extent when i was hit by a cow on the road while riding the bike in night then i thought that any worse incident could have happened.The worst thing at the time of my accident was that i was having only 20Rs in my pocket, that was the only amount i was having at the time. I waited for my dad to come and it took me 2 hours to the hospital as my dad was not getting the place of incident.

I decided to have an individual health insurance so that I couldn't be afraid of these incidents. I searched online for best health insurance and individual health insurance, I found various insurance providers like ICICI, Max, Bajaj, Religare Health Insurance and…

Best 5 Good Morning Quotes!

Happy New Year

Live a day like Spongebob!

Being happy is the key to be healthy. We come to hear this thing from the age when we even do not know how to speek. I always used to be happy even i am sitting alone at any place. I enjoy my own company when nobody is around.

This is not the thing I dont like to mix up with friends or other people but this is a kind of feeling like nobody knows you better than you or in other words nobody can be a better company than yourself.

Have you ever watched Spongebob Squarepants? Yes, for sure you must have seen him on nickelodeon when we used to be kids. The best quote by spongebob is "Live a day like Spongebob! Laugh out loud all day without any reason, and annoy the mean people with your happiness."

These lines have a very clean meaning that be happy whatever the terms and conditions are. Spongebob is my favourite toon and really he is inspirational too, for those who think that what other will think if he do this must have a lesson from spongebob. Never care for others and real…

Don't Wait, Just Make Your Own Opportunity!!

Running from doing any work is fine till we are studying in college life. It seems pretty interesting and enjoyable that we do spend maximum of our time with our friends or best buddies, but when the college life ends everyone has to be on his own and move on with a smile to find the opportunity of making the carrier.
Until we don't know what we want to do, we can't be successful in life. Our maximum of youngsters try to go out of country so that they can earn well saying that they were not getting the chances and opportunities. This is not the right way you should at-least try for the perfect opportunity.
Guys wake up! Opportunities can not be purchased from the market, you have to make it with your own efforts and hard work.Take an example of Neil Armstrong, he recognised his opportunity and utilised it so well that world will forever remember him. Its the time to do something and show your passion like he did. Lets have some steps to find the opportunity
Find your interest …

You Are Thor!!

Day before yesterday while traveling to my home i was thing that currently in India what is the hottest topic? The name of current hero strikes into my mind "Narendra Modi". He is the man empowering youth and wants India to be known as country of youth.
Then i thought not only  Narendra Modi but also all the great leaders have tried to empower the youth and whenever the need of power comes around always youth is bring forward, why it so? why always it is said that youth has the power to do any thing? and i found that if i get the answer of question what is the meaning of youth? both the first and second question will be solved.
So now the main question for me was What is the meaning of youth? After thinking a lot i made my own definition for "youth". According to my mind youth means "You are Thor". We all know the superhero Thor maximum of us have either watched his movie or cartoons or maybe heard his story. Thor is a superhero having very large no. of…